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Semimaschera duetta completa di filtri p3 maschera mascherina

Semimaschera duetta completa di filtri p3 maschera mascherina

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Kit contents:
1 DUETTA half mask
2 Cartridge filters 2030 LD P3
1 Use and maintenance manual

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in the particular health situation we have been experiencing since 2020, Spasciani, leader in the production of respiratory protection devices, has created this special certified kit against viruses and bacteria. The kit consists of the DUETTA half-mask and two 2030 LD P3 cartridge filters.
DUETTA, equipped with special filters, guarantees the efficiency of the highest filter in its category, protected even from the finest particles (dust, fumes and mists including viruses and bacteria). Both the face and the filters are reusable after cleaning and disinfection with 70% alcohol and running water. The soft edge of the half-mask adapts easily to the user's face, ensuring excellent hold. The rigid shell supports the filters and evenly distributes the weight of the device, thanks also to the adjustable headboard. The valve on the face facilitates the exit from the exhaled air, exploits the accumulation of hot-humid air and increases the wearer's comfort.
Weight with double cartridge 165 gr

Half-mask and filters are category III PPE according to Regulation 2016/425 / EU and are CE marked. The half-mask is CE certified, according to the EN 140: 1998 standard. The dust filters are class P3 R in accordance with the EN 143 standard: 2000 / A1: 2006.

An unused sealed mask the expiration is 10 years from the date of manufacture.
In case of standard use, the filters have a duration of 6 months, instead in case of heavy use we recommend no more than 4.

Dust filter with special bayonet connection for dust, fumes and mists. The cartridge must be used in pairs on DUETTA, DUO half-masks or on TR 2002 CL2 and TR 2002 CL3 full-face masks equipped with DUPLA adapter. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Respiratory resistance at 15 l / min: 0.4 mbar at 47.5 l / min: 1.3 mbar Use restrictions Do not use in environments with an oxygen concentration of less than 17% by volume and in the presence of gas and / or vapors. CLASSIFICATION Filter compliant with directive 89/686 / CEE (DPI) Cartridge / Dust filter class P3 R according to UNI EN 143: 2007

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